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2018 - Words you were
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2017 - Desperate Housewives of the Middle Ages

2016  Cousin Silas and the Moose Woman

Photo of Elinor in what she is sure a fairy dell in France


I love the old stories: the fairy tales, the folktales and myths. I love the way they are both ancient and modern. These stories are older than written history. Some people say that fairy or folktales are the voices of our ancestors whispering to us. We humans have not changed so much in the period since we have been collecting stories. They have something to tell us.

They whisper that the world is a vast and frightening place, that we must learn to conquer our fears, seek our fortune, find someone to love. They assure us that love turns anyone into a prince or princess. They offer wisdom on our journey through life. They also teach us that, no matter where on earth we live, we all have the same wishes.

The wisdom of the old stories gives us courage when we are young and comfort when we grow old.

Stories are for everyone. They entertain and nourish us on more levels than we know.

Throughout the pandemic I have taken great advantage of listening and participating in storytelling events around the continent. I offer a few recent "field recordings" from the "ZOOM-a-sphere. For a few more, visit my YouTube Channel

Jan 2020

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