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"If you see the magic in a fairy tale, you can face the future." Danielle Steel


Storytelling in Schools

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Making the most of a storytelling school visit

  • Select students from within roughly the same grade level - give or take a few years. This allows the teller to select age appropriate stories.

  • Pick a setting that is intimate (preferably not the gym) and away from traffic, so there will a minimum of interruptions. The library is a great setting, as the storyteller may want to make reference to books in your collection.

  • If there is a way to arrange that public address announcements be held off until after the visit, that will be a great help

  • if your class is doing a unit on a particular country or subject, let the storyteller know. Often a story can be found that will enhance the curriculum

  • Prepare the children to enjoy the experience and to allow others the same benefit, by reminding them to use good listening skills. Teachers may also need to remind themselves to model good listening skills, and not use the visit as an opportunity to catch up on paperwork or chat amongst themselves

  • Don't worry if younger children get a little excited and respond spontaneously. Most storytellers will know how to incorporate this into the experience. Storytelling was an "interactive" medium long before we had the internet.