Selected list of Presentations - Elinor Benjamin

Oct 27, 2018 Hallowe'en at Helen's, Dartmouth Heritage Museum
June 3, 2017 Tales of Heart, Hope, and Humour - Fundraiser for Grandmothers to Grandmothers, Halifax
May 22 - 28 Storytellers of Canada/Conteurs du Canada conference - Edmonton, AB
Apr 28-30 Mini-residency with Laura Simms, New York
Mar 18, 2017 World Storytelling Day 2017, Scott Manor House, Bedford, NS
Mar 11, 2017 Mad Hatter's Tea Party, March Hare Festival, Corner Brook, NL
Mar 9, 2017 Featured Storyteller @ Storytelling Circle of Halifax with hour long show "Desperate Housewives of the Middle Ages"
Oct 27, 2016 The Ghostly Gala @ Cole Harbour Farm, Dartmouth
Oct 16, 2016 St. John's Storytelling Festival, St. John's, NL
Oct 6, 2016 Cousin Silas and the Moose Woman - Halifax - Women for Music, Maritime Conservatory of Performing Arts
Sep 13, 2016 Asian Tales for an ESL class at St. Mary's University
Sep 10, 2016 Cousin Silas and the Moose Woman - Halifax, Maritime Conservatory of the Performing Arts
Aug 27, 2016 "A Celebration of the Wonder Tale" - Taylor Lake (Lanark, ON)
May 14, 2016 "Tales of Wit and Wisdom" for the Malaika Grandmothers (Stephen Lewis Foundation)
Mar 14, 2016 Cousin Silas and the Moose Woman, Corner Brook, NL
Mar 12, 2016 Mad Hatter's Tea Party, March Hare Festival, Corner Brook, NL


Nov 12, 2015 Halifax - The Storytellers Circle of Halifaxx - Participant in Canadian Storytelling Night Show - "Let the Fur Fly"
Oct 24, 2015 Dartmouth - Participant in "Tea and Tales" at the Dartmouth Heritage Museum
Oct 8, 2015 Halifax - The Storytellers Circle of Halifax - Host of "Beyond the Beanstalk: further adventures of Jack"
Sep 10, 2015 Halifax - The Storytellers Circle of Halifax- Participant in Stories in Memory of Blake Maybank
July 5, 2015 Levis, PC - Awarded Storytellers of Canada/Conteur du Canada "Storytkeeper Award"
May 13, 2015 Hatchet Lake - Stories from the Seashore at Shorelines - Commmunity Connection through Art Project
Mar 25, 2015 World Storytelling Day Concert to benefit "Grandmothers to Grandmothers" Project of the Stephen Lewis Foundation
Mar 16, 2015 "Runewords" - concert at The Rotary Arts Centre, Corner Brook
Mar 14, 2015 Mad Hatter's Tea Party, Corner Brook March Hare
Feb 12, 2015 "Runewords" - Featured Storyteller at monthly Storytellers' Circle of Halifax Gathering
Jul 2, 2014 Opening Story, Storytellers of Canada Conference, Summerside. Prince Edward Island
Mar 22, 2014 World Storytelling Day Tea @ Evergreen house, Dartmouth Engaging monsters and dragons
Oct 26, 2013 Ghosts come to Tea, Evergreen House, Dartmouth
Oct 30, 2013 Ghostly Gala, Cole Harbour Heritage Farm.
Sep 28, 2013 Inverness Country Centre for the Arts Storytelling Festival "Out of the Celtic Mists"
Jan 25, 2013 The Storytellers Circle of Halifax "Grimm and Grimmer" show at the Fables Club Tatamagouche, NS -
May 2, 2012 T.A.L.E.S. epic telling of The Saga of Grettir the Strong in Markarville, Alberta (1 of 12 participants)

Mar 20, 2011 World Storytelling Day with the Storytellers Circle of Halifax, Just us Cafe, Halifax
Mar 12, 2011

Mad Hatter's Tea Party, Corner Brook March Hare (12+ yrs)

Feb 2011 Sailing Away to Warmer Seas: storytelling sessions at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic with The Storytellers Circle of Halifax
Sep 24, 2010 House Concert, Corner Brook, with Gayle Tapper, Harpist
Aug 23 -Aug 27 Instructor, Vinland Music Camp, Gros Morne Park
Aug House Concert, Corner Brook, with Melanie Ray, of Vancouver
July 24 Cape St. Mary's Peformance Series
May 22 Trails, Tales and Tunes Festival - "Celebrate the Sea" Day - Norris Point (4th year)
Feb 19 Pasadena Winter Carnival
Nov 4 - 8 St. John's Storytelling Festival
Sep 25 - 26 Festival of Storytelling, Brockville, ON
May 27-28 Feather and Folk Nature Festival - Port aux Basques
Mar 17 Gander Academy - Presentation of Norse Myths: RUNEWORDS
Feb 26-27 Visting Artist Programs, Elwood Elementary, Deer Lake, Bonne Bay Academy, Woody Point and Gros Morne Academy, Rocky Harbour, NL
Oct 21 - 16 St. John's Storytelling Festival
Sep 26-27 Festival of Storytelling, Brockville, Ontario
Sep 14 Children's Wish Foundation, Corner Brook (many years of participation)
Aug 8 - 10 Newfoundland and Labrador Folk Festival, St. John's
Mar 29 Tales of Yore - Stephenville A concert presented by the Bay St. George Folk Arts Council, with an afternoon workshop
Mar 8-10 March Hare Mad Hatter's Tea Party, Corner Brook - Corner Brook
This year, Elinor was the March Hare Honoree for work with the Mad Hatter's Tea Party over many years.

Nov 7 - 11 St. John's Storytelling Festival
Nov 5 - 7 School Tour, Eastern Newfoundland - Avondale, Western Bay and St. John's
Aug 9 - 11 Winterset in Summer , Eastport, Newfoundland
Host Children's Writers Panel; concert at Terra Nova Park Interpretation Centre
Jul 22 - Aug 7 Gros Morne Summer Music Festival, Western Newfoundland
Jan - May Learning through the Arts, Westerm School District - Grade 5's
Mar 21 World Storytelling Day Concert, The Rooms, St. John's
Listen to this concert on the Web
May 4 Presentation - Literacy Networking Conference, Corner Brook, NL
Apr 6 - 7 Presentations for teachers The Arts Work Conference, St. John's
Jan - Apr Learning through the Arts, School District #3 - Grade 5's
Nov 2-6 St. John's Storytelling Festival
Oct 19 - 20 Newfoundland Labrador Library Week Tour - 6 libraries
Oct - Nov Learning through the Arts, School District #3 - Grade 5's
Apr 18 -24 Sean Dunne Festival - Waterford, Ireland (Thanks to the Canada Council for providing a grant for travell)Dublin Yarnspinners For an account of this journey, click here
Feb - Apr Learning through the Arts, School District #3 - Grade 6's
Nov 4-6 St. John's Storytelling Festival
Oct 7 Ghost stories: drawing in the Dark - a multidisciplinary colloquium, Sir Wilfred Grenfell College School of Fine Arts
Nov 3 - 7 TD Canadian Children's Book Week Tour - 17 presentations in Montreal area and Eastern Townships
Oct 15-16 Glovertown Point Leamington Public Libraries - Storytelling for children
May 22, 24 Gander Public Library, St. John's Public Public Library - Storytelling for children
Mar 8 Storytelling - International Women's Day Dinner
Feb 19 Transition House Benefit Concert, Corner Brook, (sixth  appearance in this annual event)
Jan - May '03 Learning through the Arts , School District #3 - Grades 4, 5
Sep  - Nov '03 Learning through the Arts , School District #3 - Grade 6's
Nov 2-3 Ottawa Storytelling Festival - "Runewords" (solo presentation) and shared presentation with Mindy Woolcott
Jul 23 Buchan's Come Home Year Celebrations, Public Library
Jun 7 Interview and story, CBC Radio - Sydney, "Main Street" with Wendy Bergfeld
Jun 7-8 Storytelling and Presentation, University College of Cape Breton Storytelling Symposium, Sydney, N.S.
Apr 9 - 15 Presentation, Learning through the Arts'  Spring Escape & Conference,  Gray Rocks, Mont Tremblant, P.Q.
Feb 9 Pasadena Library Winter Carnival (13th  appearance)
Jan - May Learning through the Arts - School District #3, Western Newfoundland
Jan - Mar Learning through the Arts - School District #3, Western Newfoundland
Apr 18 - 30 Public Library tour: St. Anthony, Port Saunders, Rocky Harbour, Norris Point,  Cormack and Woody Point
June 16

A festival of Storytelling - Resource Centre for the Arts, St. John's

Sep 8 Gander Public Library - International Literacy Day
Oct - Nov Learning through the Arts - School District #3, Western Newfoundland
Nov 3-4

Capital Tales 2001, Ottawa Storytelling  Festival

Nov 7 Sir Wilfred Grenfell College English class (Prof. Stephanie McKenzie)
Dec 9 Reading of A Child's Christmas in Wales with Alumni Choir, Corner Brook, Arts and Culture Centre, 8:30 pm 
2000 This was the 1000th anniversary of the Norse Landing at L'Anse aux Meadows
Feb 12 Pasadena Library Winter Carnival (eleventh appearance)
Mar 26 Children's Wish Foundation Telethon broadcast on Cable Atlantic
May 20 University College of Cape Breton 4th Annual Storytelling Symposium
Jun 14, Jul 3 Storytelling - RUNEWORDS , Cape St George Public Library , Cow Head Public Library
Jul 4 - 10 Storytelling - Norse myth serialized  on CBC Radio ,  Corner Brook Morning Show
Sep 27, Oct 12-13 Storytelling - RUNEWORDS - St Thomas Aquinas School, Port au Port, Truman Eddison School, Gunnar's Cove, Cow Head School
Nov 29 Storytelling - Main Brook Academy  (K-3) and (4-6)
Apr 26, 27 Storytelling programs & parents program- Bonne Bay Academy, Woody Point, Woody Point Public Library , Curtoglen Parent Resource Centre,   Woody Point, Cow Head Public Library 
May 5-6 Storytelling - St Anthony Public Library,  St Lunaire Griguet Public Library, Truman Eddison Memorial School, Norris Point Public Library
Aug Emcee and storytelling for 1 session of Storytelling in the Firehall at Lunenberg Folk Harbour Festival, Nova Scotia
Apr 2 Storytelling - Sir Wilfred Grenfell College folklore class (Prof. Sandra Wheeler)
Apr 8 Storytelling - Cape St George Public/School Library
May 15 Storytelling - Codroy Valley Public Library
Jun 24 Storytelling  - Woody Point Public Library
Jun 25-6 Training session on storytelling for Grenfell Historical Society interpretation staff
Jun 26, 27 Storytelling - St Anthony Public Library, St Lunaire-Griguet Public Library
Sep 23 Conference Presentation on storytelling - province-wide meeting of addictions counsellors, Kildevil Lodge, Lomond, NF
Nov 10 Storytelling & presentation - Conflict Resolution Workshop Day,  St Peters Academy, Benoits Cove

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